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Welcome to Katsubi,

making your Winning Day.

Taste the future with us. Katsubi is always open in interacting with individuals who are keen to join our journey to success. With a structured business model and proven performances in the industry, we offer the best of our brand to everyone, our staff, our customers, and to you, our partners.

Katsubi has quickly become a local favourite for many nation-wide, equipped with years of experience, good solid deliciousness, and a strong aptitude for business. We are always on the lookout for good partners who we can work with in expanding our brand as a team.

We offer you,

The Best Support Team

That will be with you all the way, advice garnered from years of operating in the New Zealand hospitality scene, and specialized knowledge arranging from different FCP, MPI systems, Manufacturing, Ordering, Administration and Management. An in-depth training programme will provide you with all the practical skills you will need for your operation: not just culinary, but also technical in POS, delivery software, branch management, and licencing.

The Katsubi Brand

A growing name with a strong commercial presence that stood strong even during the crisis of the pandemic. Katsubi holds a unique identity in the national market, with solid sales in all major shopping hubs and locations in New Zealand.

The Opportunity to Start

An accessible, beginner friendly setup to help you ease your way into becoming an independent business owner, even without a specific skillset or a culinary background. We believe success can come from anyone if they have the passion and drive to learn.

A Result Driven Business

Fulfilling growth and satisfaction, many of our existing franchisees have been working with us for long years, becoming an integral part of their local communities and business hubs. The opportunity we offer is highly profitable, and we strongly encourage personal success for our franchisees.

Applications Open

Screening has begun and we are on the lookout for passionate individuals who are looking to invest in a good business opportunity. If you are interested in starting a business with us, please inquire about the process to our franchises department by using the Franchises contact tab on our website or send a direct email to

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