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Introducing Katsubi's Signature Foods made with passion and love.

Learn everything
about Red Bowl

For our first time customers – come on in and feel comfortable ordering in any of our shops, our smart ordering process is designed to be simple and pleasant. Follow our process guide and come up to the counter to order your Red Bowl, choose what you want, on your dish.


Red Bowl

Our “Red Bowl”, characterized by its signature customizability to fit your tastes, and your choices.


Experience the uniqueness of creating your own dish, a Red Bowl filled with your preference of salads, meats, and sauces. 


First choose a size for your bowl – Mini, Single, Regular, or Large to get started in building a bowl to suit your tastes and needs.



Red bowls don’t just focus on taste, but also to the healthy balance of your diet.

Fill your bowl with fresh greens, with more than 10 combinations of salad to choose from.

Add as much as you want, build something special, not only for your tastebuds, but also for your well-being.

Keep it tasty, keep it fresh, keep it healthy!



Hot Selection

Finish off your Red Bowl with the most important part of your dish, the hot food selection.

Cooked with passion by our chefs from Katsubi, you can choose from a range of different hot foods to make your meal perfect in your own way.

Fit your own preference, either plant-based options only, filled with meat, or bit of both. Discover your favourite custom combination and dig in!

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Now after following these three easy steps, all that is left for you to do is get ready to dig in and enjoy your Red Bowl. Feel adventurous?

Try different combinations to see what taste work best for you. Share your experience and new recipes to friends and family, show them a bowl filled with your own colours, taste, and what makes you happy. That is how the Red Bowl “Do”.

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