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What's ahead in 2022 with Katsubi

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Hello 2022, Happy New Year!

We Katsubi greets New Zealand with a biggest Happy New Years!

We are truly thankful for all the love and support we, Katsubi received in 2021.

To response our great amount of love and support we received in 2021, we would like to share a some of Katsubi's plans in 2022.

1. More Katsubi branches across New Zealand

Katsubi has great plans on opening new Katsubi branches across Aotearoa. Although at this state we cannot let you know which particular regions we plan on opening, but please keep in tune for any news for further information in the future!

2. Katsubi Online Order System

Our team over in Katsubi has been working hard to bring Katsubi's Online Order System for customers to enjoy our food easier and faster. We are happy to announce that the work is nearly in its final state and will soon be able to present the Online Order System at our official Website.

3. New Katsubi Menus

Katsubi's Dream and Motto is to deliver Healthy, Fresh and Tasty Food across New Zealand. To respond our determination towards our food, 2022 will be year for us Katsubi to present New Menus for you to enjoy and discover.

Please stay tuned for any more further updates and other exciting plans that we haven't shared yet. We wish everyone a biggest Happy in 2022 !!

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