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New Katsubi store opened at Greenlane!

Great News! Katsubi has arrived to Greenlane!

We, Katsubi, have been spreading our food full of love and passion all across Aotearoa since 2002. As Katsubi's Dreams and Motto is to deliver Healthy, Fresh and Tasty Food across Aotearoa, to respond our determination we are happy to announce that Katsubi will be arriving in Greenlane to share our love and passion in Katsubi foods.

Enjoy Katsubi's healthy, fresh and tasty Korean-Japanese Fusion Red Bowls along with many other signature menus to excite your taste buds now over at Greenlane!

Katsubi has opened at on A3/604 Great South Road, Ellerslie, Auckland 1051.

Find the opening hours for Katsubi Greenlane from our stores page

Make sure to keep eye on us for any further exciting news with Katsubi !

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