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[ENDED] Hash tag Event – Free Water Bottle

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

New Katsubi stores opened on 488 Lake Road, Takapuna, and Auckland. This place is preparing delicious food for you. Enjoy Katsubi in a closer and better place.

In celebration of Katsubi Takapuna open, we're giving you a chance to get a free water bottle. Anyone can participate if they have a smart phone and Instagram account.

Here's how to get a free water bottle.

1. Visit Katsubi Takapuna 2. Take a picture of Katsubi Takapuna as you want. 3. Upload the pictures on your Instagram with hash tag. #Katsubi #redbowl #Katsubi_in_Takapuna. 4. Follow ‘@Katsubinz’ Instagram.

If the above process is complete, let Staff know and get a free water bottle.

※ Depending on the water bottle stock, the promotion may be closed early.

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