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20th Anniversary - April Event

In celebration of Katsubi’s 20th Anniversary, we would like to ‘Thank you’ to our amazing customers by giving away grand prizes! Fill out the form below to get a chance to win.

Event apply period : 6 APR - 16 APR

Date of Winner announcement : 20 APR

Prize : PlayStation 5

Know Before You Enter:


Currently, a scam using an ID similar to katsubi's Instagram has been founded.

Katsubi's official Instagram User ID is 'Katsubinz'

- Katsubi never makes requests related to personal information or monetary through DM.

- Announcing the winners of the Katsubi 20th anniversary event, Katsubi will not notify the winners via DM.

Please refer to the above and prevent scams to all those who follow Katsubi Instagram.

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