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Katsubi, made with love.
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Since 2003, Katsubi has come a long way from its origins into a full hospitality operation in more than 21 locations across Aotearoa.
Bringing the best of Asian flavours, infused with a Kiwi twist, our founder's dream and motto: Katsubi, Winning Day has successfully gained a foothold in thriving local areas with our signature "Red Bowl".


From its fast, healthy service and customizability with fresh vegetables and meat, Katsubi is a strong and steady competitor within the national market with 12 branches and 9 franchises operating within the country, with more to come.


The Katsubi brand continues to grow and present quality service all over New Zealand, bringing you a delicious plate of winning everyday.

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Build your own Red Bowl

Made with Love from Katsubi
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